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While this role is a big step up from my current content marketer role, I’m excited to take on new challenges and grow into the remote marketing manager role. My research has shown me that Customer.io is a great place to learn and level up your craft, and I’m committed to working harder than ever.” Hiring managers want to know that you’re time zone conscious and understand how to work asynchronously.

  • If you’re looking for remote job interview questions to practice, this article is for you.
  • It’s best to be clear and direct when answering the question of why you’re looking for a new role.
  • That means they want to know what makes you work best from home and why.
  • My experience has been great, as it has made me more productive and has allowed me more freedom to gain inspiration for my work.
  • In other words, explain how working remotely makes you shine and makes you a smarter, more effective, and more efficient employee.
  • In other words, working from an ad hoc space won’t necessarily work for the long term; you’ll need to show that you’ve created an environment that’s distraction-free.

Do you answer challenging questions clearly and forthrightly, and disclose your flaws? Do you help facilitate a successful interview through attention to the allotted time and by bringing prepared questions? This signals initiative.” Finding ways to demonstrate these traits throughout the interview process “will make you a significantly stronger candidate,” Leech https://remotemode.net/ says. So spend some time reflecting on how you’d like to answer these questions, then ask a friend to join you on a video chat to practice your responses. This is another excellent example of a situational interview question and the perfect opportunity to use the STAR method. Leech advises including a detailed example of how you’ve resolved a conflict in the past.

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This motivation can come from a list of some great motivational quotes or creating a productive home office. A great remote worker can get themselves on top of their projects no matter the location. Communication is essential for teams to succeed with remote workers. Hearing about a failure shows the steps they took to fix something when it went wrong. Miscommunication happens, so hiring an employee who can fix it when it occurs is essential.

  • No matter how much planning you do in advance, or how organized your files are, or even how precisely the team followed the project plan, sometimes things go wrong.
  • Make sure you have a professional background that is free from clutter and try to have good lighting, whether that is from natural lighting or via a ring/key light is up to you.
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  • Employers interview a lot of people for each remote role, and they get plenty of applicants.
  • When answering remote job interview questions, try to tailor your answer to the company and job being discussed.

In addition to listing the types of technologies you’re familiar with, you should also be prepared to explain how and why your team used them. “Be prepared to describe a variety of practices to make remote work effective,” Leech says. Prior to your interview, revisit the job posting or ask the recruiter which tools your prospective team uses so that you can frame your response with those technologies in mind.

Interview Questions You Should Know How to Answer in a Remote Job Interview

When looking for the right remote employee, companies like to hear about challenges you’ve overcome and past examples of problem solving. If you’ve never been on a remote team, but you’ve worked in more traditional work environments and been detail oriented there, that’s still worth talking about. But you should always aim to sound like you have a proven process in place, and that you’re confident in your ability to structure your day and handle the most important tasks on time.

3 Ways to Highlight Your Soft Skills in Interviews – Dice Insights

3 Ways to Highlight Your Soft Skills in Interviews.

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Aim to show that you’ll mesh with the current team and that you have professional habits to make you a great remote worker. Before your interview, research the company and review the job posting to understand their environment. I don’t recommend sharing a work from home experience challenge from your personal life unless you have an exceptionally good story that you can relate back to the job you’re discussing. So in your interview, be ready to talk about one of your most challenging projects and how you overcame the major hurdles.

How do you like to work? Do you need a lot of direction?

With much of the world still adjusting to the remote work model, employers want to know how you manage (or plan to manage) it all. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be; the key here is communication. Spend time before the interview researching the company thoroughly, and then use that information to highlight why you’re excited to work for them.

And, really, communicating remotely is similar to communicating in the office, so talk about that, too. Give examples of times you faced communication challenges in the office and explain how you dealt with them. A hiring manager wants some reassurance that the environment you would be working in is comfortable, allows you to be productive, and is reasonably free from distractions.

When you answer this, let the company know what remote working superpowers you’ll be wielding, or what amazing experience you have that will make you EXACTLY the person they need on their team. Still others might be geographically challenged (that’s me!), as in, you live in a place that makes it geographically impossible to work in the job you want. Or maybe you just want to travel the world without quitting your full-time job. When things go awry on a remote team, that can often mean that you’re stuck making important decisions on your own. When an employer asks you this question, she wants to know if you have the resourcefulness and judgement to make independent decisions when you have to. That ability to prioritize can make or break your success in a remote job, and employers need to know that you have an absolute handle on it.

  • Fully remote companies have committed to permanent remote work and do not or no longer have physical offices.
  • It’s helpful to understand if asynchronous work is something your candidate is used to and experienced in.
  • Companies that offer remote jobs know that everyone has times when it is a challenge to stay focused when working at home.
  • On the Skillcrush team, we love sharing our Google calendars so you kind of have to be on board with that.
  • But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be a productive and successful remote employee.
  • You’re more likely to be asked if you use Google Calendar than how you would describe yourself in 3 adjectives, and you probably won’t get asked a lot of hypotheticals.

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